5 tips why Renting can be Simple | General

Placing tenants, and not problems.....

As harsh as this might sound, it's an everyday issue, which costs the economy millions every year. Damages can range from damage to your property, none rental payments, having to fork out 10's if not 100's of thousands of hands to obtain a successful eviction.

The drastic reduction of such losses or events is possible, by simply applying these 5 basic steps.

(Icon PG does not guarantee results and does not market these 5 Top Tips as a 100% guarantee that losses won't occur)

1) ensure that your property is lettable.

Many grievances or unwillingness to pay by the tenants droves from a none functional, or none occupiable property. Ensuring that you hand over the best, tidy, and functional property can help eliminate such occurrences

2) proper screening of your tenants.

Before placing a tenant, correct screening is key, as this too further reduces the risk of your investment becoming a loss instead of a profit. IPG proudly uses TPN as its screening service - https://www.tpn.co.za/group#

3) appointing a registered and reputable Real Estate Agency to procure and manage the property on your behalf.

Sometimes distance is good, and like many other investments, a broker gives you just that and eliminates the "feeling factor"/from the equation. Icon Property Group successfully manages a small, but high-quality portfolio of residential properties. Feel welcome to contact Gary Phelps at 0814315939 for more information on IPG's services in this regard.

4) Rental Guarantee Products, for landlords.

Many Landlords are not aware of a rental guarantee policy, but IPG has introduced several of its clients to the product, and it's worked amazingly in cases when needed. The policies cover up to 3 months of rental loss and a substantial sum of money instead of eviction costs.

5) keep your distance - Tenant and Landlord

We are social creatures and want to interact, well most of the time. If you are dealing with a broker, keep it that way, and ensure that all your communication is in writing and that you keep proper records of all communication.