Should I Sell my House Privately or Use an Estate Agent? | General

Let’s face it, there are so many real estate agents in the market to choose from, that it can be a daunting task to find one you feel confident with to entrust the selling of your property to. We understand this. Your house is after all your most valuable asset. The alternative is to undertake this task yourself, which will give you full control over the process. It sounds like a great idea, but are you aware of what it entails, and all the risks involved?


Before you endeavour to sell your property privately, there are a number of important things you have to consider.

  • You will have to value your house yourself. If the price is too high, you won’t attract buyers. If it’s too low, you will lose valuable money;
  • It will take up a lot of your time as you will have to take care of every part of the process yourself;
  • You will have to do the marketing;
  • You will have to face potential buyers and arrange the viewings;
  • Do you have the knowledge to deal with an offer to purchase? Remember that it’s legally binding;
  • You will have to find and hire a conveyancing attorney to take care of the legal paperwork for the transfer.


If after reading the above, you feel that this is too much for you, you can leave it all in the hands of our experienced agents. They will advise you and take care of the selling process. They are familiar with the current house prices in your area and will ensure that your property is suitably priced. Our agents know how and where to market your property for the best results. While they make the arrangements for the viewings and face the potential buyers on your behalf, equipped with all the required knowledge and experience, you can enjoy an outing with your family.

Yes, our agents will charge you a fee, but rest assured that we have your best interest at heart and will make it worth your while. Go ahead and contact our agent in your area now.