To Auction or Not to Auction ? | General

To Auction or Not to Auction?


“Should I go to auction with my property, or should I just give it to icon to market on an open house?”



it's popular to contrary belief your property doesn't always fetch a higher price than an auction it could quite very well be the complete opposite.

We must understand that a lot of people go to auctions, or they follow auctions because they're looking for that sort of distressed sale or they're looking for that bargain similar to conventional sales.

People are always looking for bargains so one could argue the same point on either side of the aisle but with a proper agency,  

When you appoint an experienced agency that has experience within your market within your sector, understands the dynamic of the market, the dynamic of the sector and with an experienced broker with years of experience, it is very possible to achieve the very same price for your property if not better than what it would have fetched had it gone to a public auction.

We must also remember that they will say things like “well you know, go to auction it's of a better price”


Properties that are extremely rare to find, are the ones that do very well at auctions things like apartment blocks that's fully tenanted, but they can also not do well in the auction.


It depends on the broker that you appoint, the broker needs to be experienced enough to understand the product, dissect it, and then present it to open markets in a way that attracts willing and able purchasers to purchase your property for the best price possible based on the merits of your sale.




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