Top 5 reasons why your property is not selling | General

Selling your property, and having to relocate, making new connections, friends, and school arrangements can be more than some can handle over a period of weeks or months. 


For some property sellers, selling a property can be a process that lasts several months, and in certain cases, years. 

The reason or motivation why people sell varies from upscaling, downscaling, death, divorce, work relocation, marriage, and an array of other reasons. 


In today’s Icon PG property article, we’d like to list the top 5 reasons we have found in the past 15 years why properties do not sell, as fast as they could sell. 


1. Pricing

Albeit a sensitive topic for many property owners across the world, it must be looked at with facts filled with relevant data, and an understanding of the market. In most property sales, the pricing determines the interest and whether an offer will be received. At Icon Property Group, Perfectly, Pricing each property is what’s needed to ensure the property sells fast, and at the highest possible selling price. 


2. Competency of your property practitioner (Estate Agent) 


The notion of putting up a for-sale board, getting the property onto all the major SA property portals, and that the property will be successfully sold is a slippery slope. At Icon Property Group the sales team and support staff is constantly trained and upskilled to ensure that every person who represents the IPG property brand is able to correctly consult, professionally market, and conclude the property sale, to ensure it’s a win-win for all parties involved.  


3. Staging of the property


Staging the property is key when inviting potential buyers into your home with the intent of giving them the personal time and space to imagine and decide whether your home, must become theirs. At Icon PG, our sales team will advise you on how to set your property for the market, to ensure that you obtain the highest best possible selling price. Failing to invest in this part of the marketing and advertising, is one of the 5 reasons we find properties are not selling. An untidy garden, back yard, dirty walls, and laundry laying around can be detrimental to a seller selling at the correct price, or not selling at all.


4. “The seller cannot help but get involved
Often overlooked, we find that many sellers want to “explain” or “defend” their property, in the presence of potential purchasers. This can be viewed as desperate by the purchaser and has put many purchasers off from proceeding with an offer on many properties. Sellers must preferably leave the property for the time frame in which potential buyers will be viewing the property, and must avoid minimum to zero interaction with the potential buyers. This is why the Property Practitioner has been chosen to market and sell the property. 
5. None Compliance and failure to disclose
Property compliance is rapidly gaining the kind of momentum needed in the South African residential property market. Many sellers are not able to provide basic documents, such as Approved Building Plans, NHBRC Certificates, and or Engineers certificates, and this puts many informed buyers off from wanting to proceed. Deciding to market your property, ensure that you supply your PP with all information linked to the property, and be upfront about everything from the start. This will allow your PP to put together the most comprehensive marketing strategy, and also be able to draft your Sale Agreement in accordance with the merits of your property sale.